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We are a family owned business that have been in the industry for over 25 years.


We own our own properties and manage other's with the obligation of servicing every each property like it's our own.


All our properties are located in the Hartford, New Haven & Fairfield counties in CT.


We offer a wide array of services that are customized with the client.


Property Management Fees are simple and straightforward and customized by the client needs.


Our commitment to you is that we'll save you time and money while giving you a piece of mind!

Rent Collection

Rent Collection through use of our Tenant Portal on our cloud based property management system.


Owner Disbursement & Statements

Owner Disbursements are fully computerized through our accounting system, providing our clients with ACH payments directly to their bank account. Owner Statements are available on a monthly basis through the Owner Portal on our website. This allows our owners to access all past, present, and year-end statements anytime, anywhere.


Maintenance Coordination

  • Bunaview does not require any owner reserves. We simply deduct any repairs from your monthly owner disbursement.

  • We only deduct the true cost of repairs, no additional fees for coordinating the repair.

  • We partner with and use only the most reputable vendors to make repairs to your property.

  • Our dedicated maintenance coordinator addresses all maintenance issues promptly.


Tenant Correspondence and Communication

Tenant Correspondence and Communication are maintained and documented through our office, by our professional staff while also being digital through our cloud based PM system.

24/7 Tenant support

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